The primary aim of fightED is to provide support and advice to parents and carers who have a loved one suffering from an eating disorder.

We know through our own experiences that eating disorders do not just affect the individual. They can have a devastating impact on the whole family.

How fightED was born

fightED (Fight Eating Disorders) was founded by the McLarnon family from Northern Ireland who had a daughter (Debbie) who suffered seriously from an eating disorder.

Due to the lack of adequate services or facilities in Northern Ireland, the McLarnons had to fight to have their daughter treated by specialist units in London.

Debbie’s Story

Debbie’s Story

Recovery is a long and painful process, and it is vital that sufferers have a strong support system, as they spend the majority of their time at

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Introducing the Maudsley Model to Ireland

The New Maudsley Method has been supporting families for more than 20 years in the rest of GB, and  fightED offers the successful New Maudsley approach to families affected by eating disorders in Ireland.

The New Maudsley Model has been scientificlly tested and is used in many countries around the world. fightED train facilitators on how to deliver the New Maudsley course and to date these facilitators have delivered New Maudsley courses to over 200 families both north and south of the border.

Just as eating disorders can paralyse the sufferer, they can also paralyse the carer, preventing them from helping effectively. The primary aim of the New Maudsley Model therefore, is to reduce stress and anxiety in parents/carers, but also to educate them on the impact of eating disorders, as well as teaching them skills they need to effectively manage their loved one with an eating disorder.