Make sure you are supported

Eating disorders can take over families, impacting on everyone in the family. It can be very exhausting and draining for the parents/carers of someone suffering an eating disorder. It is therefore essential that you have support of your own. Set aside time to spend alone with your partner away from the eating disorder, even if all you can get is a 15 minute walk around the block. Spend time with people who you can talk to openly about your situation, without feeling judged, or seek out some counselling support for yourself.
It can be very hard to make time away from your loved one, you may feel guilty leaving them (or they may make you feel guilty), it might be hard to find the time, but in order to support and be strong for your loved one, you need time on your own to get back to being yourself.
Not only will this give you some much needed rest and space away, it also models self-care to your loved one, something which people with eating disorders struggle to do.